How to get google AdSense approval on blogger or WordPress website

How to get google AdSense approval on blogger or WordPress website

How to get google AdSense approval on blogger or WordPress website

You are searching for how to get Google Adsense approval, That means maybe you have created a stunning website and now you want to monetize it with Google Adsense. 

Or you are starting a website and before getting started you want to be sure how can you earn money from your website with google Adsense.

May you have some questions related to Adsense. 

Most of the questions may be like this
  • How to get google AdSense approval?
  • How to get AdSense approval for blogger?
  • Google AdSense approval time.
  • Adsense approval trick.
So don't worry about these questions I am here with you to answer all of your questions related to Adsense.

And I am also sharing here the right methods and working tricks for getting AdSense approval as soon as possible.

Requirements for AdSense account approval:

There is full of myths on the internet about the Adsense approval process.
Some people present it like rocket science. Only some magic tricks or miracles can approve you for Adsense.
Trust me this getting the good news from google Adsense not so tough. Just make sure your website mates the AdSense policies rules and you have done everything according to the given checklist below.

  • Domain and hosting: Make sure you are using a custom domain. It doesn't matter you are using TLD (Top Level Domain) or not. It does not matter which hosting platform you are using Wordpress or Blogger (If you are using Wordpress hosting make sure hosting is from paid or reputed hosting provider).
If you have made a sttuning website on the blogspot sub domain. You can also get approval from google.Custom domain only use for bring some professional touch on your website thats set.

  • Website design and customization: 1st of all you need to choose a lightweight theme for your website. Give a professional look. Design attractive for the visitor. Make sure you have proper navigation on your site. If you are using a free theme then if you can remove footer credit or you can put it there no matter.

  • Content or posts: For approval for google AdSense your content plays a major role. Your content decides your AdSense application will reject or approve.
    so focus on your content not for
    AdSense approval focus for go to the top of google search result. Write your own content don't copy-paste from another website. Make sure your contents are following AdSense policies rules.

  • Required pages for your website: Your website must have the about us page, Privacy policies page, Contact me page, Disclaimer page.

  • Mail Id and Adsense user: After checking the requirements above. Now time to apply for Adsense.
    Before applying to make sure which mail id you are going to using in Adsense never used before for Adsense.
    If you owned an
    Adsense account in previous and somehow your account was disabled. Then apply for AdSense by using new mail id new user name from new IP(Computer or Mobile).

Some frequently asked questions:

When I had started after knowing How to get google AdSense approval. I had still some questions in my mind. Maybe you have also some questions in your mind related to Adsense. So I  had tried to answer some frequently asked questions.

Minimum how many posts require to get approval quickly?

There is not mentioned anywhere how many posts actually require for getting approval.
But in my experience, you can apply after a minimum 5-6 posts for a better result but make sure all the posts are high quality and unique.

How many words need in per posts?

It depends on your content. for good user experience and give quality to your post, you can write as long you want.
But make sure your writing is not like robotic. Write an article user engaging and in a lovely style.
But in the minimum number 700 is good enough.

Can I use the article spinner for writing up a unique article?

Some new blogger for saving their effort they go for the spin article and publish unique articles on their blog. My friends this trick is not going to work these days. If you want to earn money online then you have to put some effort into it.

How many days take to approve google AdSense application?

If this is all good in your website it gonna take 3-7 days to approve. In some cases, the time period can be longer. But at least wait for 15 days. 
If there is no reply from google then, thier is some problem in your blog but google not going to tell you that.
You have to find out your issues and short out quickly for reapply.

Conclusion: I had seen some blogger newbie who is focused on how to get google AdSense approval in the 1st priority.

But trust me don't focus on Adsense focus on SEO. And write good quality content your AdSense account will be definitely approved.
Thanks for visiting take care.

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